Mechanical Engineering Design


Alpha Design provides design, manufacture and installation solutions for engineering projects including machined and fabricated components and assemblies.

SolidWorks Computer-Aided Design (CAD)


Alpha Design uses the latest SolidWorks software to create accurate three-dimensional (3D) virtual models of components and assemblies. SolidWorks is an invaluable tool which enables the designer to swiftly create electronic representations of real life machined, moulded, and fabricated components in order to visualise concepts and validate designs. Collections of SolidWorks 3D models are arranged into assemblies just as they are in reality. This allows analysis of the fit and function of components within the context of their intended environment without the time and expense of producing a physical prototype. Click on the SolidWorks logo to go the SolidWorks website for a choice of short demonstration videos.
SolidWorks Assembly

eDrawings by SolidWorks


Customers can view SolidWorks models and assemblies on their own personal computer or mobile device via the free program/app eDrawings. eDrawings files can be sent via email, which allows Alpha Design to quickly communicate with customers throughout the design process. Click on the eDrawings logo below to go to the eDrawings download page.

Detailed Drafting to AS1100


The form of three-dimensional machined, moulded, and fabricated components and assemblies needs to be fully defined in order for them to be accurately manufactured and installed. Most commonly this information is communicated to other engineering professionals and tradesmen via two-dimensional (2D) technical drawings. Alpha Design uses SolidWorks software to produce detailed 2D workshop drawings to AS1100.

SolidWorks Drawing by Alpha Design

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)


SolidWorks 3D models can also be exported or saved as different electronic file formats for use in other CAM software. This form of electronic transfer of information directly to machines such as CNC profile cutters can negate the creation of 2D drawings, which can significantly reduce project lead times.

CNC profile cutting machine

From Design to Installation


Alpha Design can source components and liaise with other local engineering service providers to ensure the smooth transition of your project from design to installation.